A strategic photography studio that ensures your images excite, connect with consumers, and drive growth.

At Flashlight Studio, a Chicago food and beverage photography studio, we create images with the goal of supporting our clients' business growth. We have on our team strategic design thinkers, researchers, cooks, gardeners, students of food culture. So we understand what we are photographing, whether it's a new product or a well-established one.

We are storytellers. We are strategists. And we are real people who love food.

Justin B. Paris Photographer

Justin Paris


My interest in food photography began as a child in the kitchen. I have an innate desire to cook that eventually grew into a love for the culinary world and a focus on creating food imagery. Outside of the studio, I nurture a home garden with my wife and 2 sons and I continue to explore and create in the kitchen all in a never ending quest for food knowledge. 

When I was a kid I wanted to be a chef. And at some point an astronaut. Imagine if I had combined those 2 interests. Zero-gravity cuisine. I don't think anyone is doing that.

I collect bird books. My dad would take me bird watching when I was young. Now I have a deep nostalgic love for the art contained within the pages of those books. Visual interpretations of the real world can be very powerful.

Heather Hernandez Studio Manager

Heather Hernandez


I was born on Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was July 20, 1969 and a man had stepped on the moon for the first time just 15 minutes prior.

At the age of 18 I followed my heart to Chicago. Here I found my son Drew, Crate and Barrel for 20 years, many life-long friends, and the city that I now call home. I brought with me the work ethic I learned from my parents and the sense to do the right thing.

Taking care of photo shoots, the office, and clients is where I put to use the southern hospitality that I grew up with. When I am not at the studio you can find me on 2 wheels out in the country or socializing at the Moose Lodge.